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Community Employment Services

Lynndale Community Employment Program assists its participants through informed choices to acquire jobs and maintain job placement in the community.  Individuals are trained in every aspect of their jobs, and natural supports are developed at the job site and in the community.  Job support is given, based on individual needs/preferences.  When the persons served meet the exit criteria, they are transitioned out of  Lynndale services.  A post-employment follow-up is done at three months and nine months.

Employment is offered with Lynndale through individual placements as well as enclaves and mobile work crews.  Persons working independently in the community earn at least minimum wages.  The community employer pays these wages directly to the person.  Persons working in Lynndale enclaves and mobile work crews earn wages that are less than minimum wage.  These wages are determined by the amount of work completed and the accuracy of the work done using a formula provided by the Georgia Department of Labor.  Lynndale pays these wages to the person on a monthly basis.

Currently Lynndale, Inc. has 40 people employed in Augusta businesses. 


Entrance Criteria:

        Adults 18 years or older

        IQ of 69 or below

        Current physical exam (within the last year) that clears you to work

        Psychological evaluation

        Seeking job placement in the community

        Not a danger to yourself or others

Exit Criteria:

        Has met or exceeded all of the goals they have set

        No longer needs support on the job site, as natural supports are in place

        No longer desires to work

        Moves out of the service area

        Chooses to transfer to another Lynndale service








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